Confederation of Italian
Entrepreneurs Worldwide
Turkish Deputy Premier Meets with Italian Businesspeople in New York

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan on Friday addressed Italian businesspeople in New York in a meeting organized by Confederation of Italian Entrepreneurs Worldwide (C.I.I.M. EurAsiaMed).

Speaking at the meeting, Babacan said Turkey had "perfect relations" with Italy, adding that the two countries were important allies and major economic partners and that Turkey was grateful for the Italian support for Turkey's EU membership bid.

Babacan said Turkish and Italian economies were supplementary to each other, adding that there were nearly one thousand Italian companies which had investments in Turkey.

Babacan said Turkey had strong relations with the Middle East and Africa as well, adding that Turkey closely monitored developments in the region which he said passed through a major transformation process.

Babacan also said Turkey was ready to share its experiences as "a source of inspiration" for other regional countries.

Babacan said per capita income in Turkey tripled since 2002 from 3,500 USD to 10,500 USD in 2012, adding that a strong middle class was created which he said offered great opportunities for foreign companies that planned to make investments in the country.

Babacan said Turkish economy management had no concerns over inflation, however, trade balance proved to be a more difficult task which he said was mainly due to soaring energy prices.

"We are continuing with our strict fiscal policies and making structural reforms as well as taking steps in the banking sector," Babacan said.

After the meeting with Italian businesspeople, Babacan participated in the closing session of a United Nations meeting on the state of the economy and finance in the world which was co-chaired by Turkey and San Marino.

Source: TurkishNY